I would like to thank some guys for supporting me and my project:

[My Family]

Brigitte and Jerry Lee


My loving girlfriend Brigitte who always stands beside me and supports me where ever she can!
Also to Jerry Lee. I´m doing this for you my son. ;o) Love you guys.

[Steve Algorri]

Owner of: 5S339


Who supported me with great detailed information about the horn switch, shock tower bolts and many other things.

[Howard Pardee]

Owner of: 5R095


Who is a true expert when it comes to R-Model questions and facts.
He always supported me with lots of detailed pictures when I was desperated and needed fast help.

[Bo Sewallius]

Owner of: 5S275


A master when it comes to concour questions on 65 Shelbys.

[Sepp Reiter]

Pre-Owner of: 5R107


Sepp is a nice guy who invited me to his home and showed me all the racing pictures of him and 5R107 which he raced in the 70s.

[Jerry Wayne Moss]

My Daddy


Third hand, sandblasting-king and universal genius...

[Günter Schmid]

A first class master in body work!


There is nothing he can not do. The word "impossible" does not exist in his vocabulary!

[Max Konrad]

My favorite Snap-On dealer


A mechanic is just as good as his tools.
Thanks Max...